Get ready.  Get set...  Shares of Facebook are available for purchase as a publicly traded company, as of Friday morning.

FOX News Radio's Jessica Rosenthal tells us how much each share will set you back:

Facebook says its stock is worth $38 a share.  That's on the high end of their range, and means they could get over $18 billion just from the IPO.  It's a clear sign of confidence after spending the past two weeks meeting with potential investors.

This could put the company's value at over $104 billion, but analysts say a fast start out of the gate doesn't mean a win.  They note - when it comes to recent high-profile IPOs - there's a strong correlation between those that go up the most at first, with also going down the most in the following months.

Jessica Rosenthal, FOX News Radio.

Facebook's popularity could be both its blessing and its downfall in the long run, as the desire for many users to have near-constant access to their news feeds hurts the company's bottom line.

FOX Business Network's Adam Shapiro explains the tech giant's tech trouble:

This is going to be a huge company, based on the IPO.  The market capitalization of this company is going to be $100 billion.  And yet, their earning potential going forward, they've already said, they are at a disadvantage.

They haven't figured out just yet how they're going to make money off of the fact that half of their 900 million users now use their product on a mobile device.  And they don't make the same kind of money off a mobile device as they do off of your interfacing with them on your personal computer.