Five people were found shot dead in Gilbert, Arizona Wednesday. One of the five dead has been identified as Jason "JT" Ready, who had fought against illegal immigration, and had been known as a neo-Nazi. Police believe that Ready killed four, and then himself in shooting in a home in a Phoenix suburb.

FOX News Radio's Chris Foster reports:

JT Ready founded the U.S. Border Guard, a private border patrol group.

(Ready) "Here's the deal, our whole country is being invaded and we are going to keep going out there patrolling."

He told FOX News Talk's Alan Colmes two years ago, he had left a white supremacist group.

(Ready) "I am a former member of the National Socialist Movement. I am no longer. I resigned from that in good standing and I am concentrating 100% on the border and on my own personal life."

Ready's girlfriend and her two year old daughter are also dead, along with an adult daughter and her boyfriend.

Chris Foster, FOX News Radio.