Across the United States, schools and districts are keeping an eye on teachers' interactions with students through social media. Authorities say private messages through sites like Facebook could foster inappropriate relationships.

FOX's Claudia Cowan reports:

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In today's digital world, teachers use social media to offer students homework help and links to educational sites. But private messages, sent via Facebook and other social networking sites are raising red flags.

Authorities cite numerous examples of students getting lured into sexual relationships through hidden communications on Facebook. Across the country, schools are moving to limit or ban such hidden messages.

But some argue a sweeping ban on hidden messages could backfire. A teacher who communicates on Facebook with a student who is also a relative, for instance, might be violating district policy.

Teachers worry banning private messages could discourage valid questions and responses out of fear of crossing a line.

Nearly 95% of America's teenagers connect to the internet, and 80% of them use social media sites. How much access they have to their teacher's personal life and vice versa is fast becoming a lesson in defining appropriate relationships outside the classroom.

In San Francisco, Claudia Cowan, FOX News.

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