Crews Search for Missing AZ Girl

    Dozens of police officers and Federal agents are fanning out throughout Tucson, Arizona, looking for a missing six-year-old girl.

    FOX News Radio's Chris Foster reports:

    Audio clip:

    Isabel Celis's parents say she was in her bed Friday night, and was gone the next morning, when they called 911.

    (Hawke) "We don't have a piece of evidence that says she was definitively taken from the residence.  We don't have any specific piece of evidence that tells us that she left he residence on her own."

    ...Tucson Police Sgt. Maria Hawke.  The girl's uncle, Justin Masteromarino:

    (Masteromarino) "I have people all over the area right now handing out fliers, business people who are driving by handing out fliers, and just trying to get her name out there and her face."

    Both parents and two other children live in that home.

    Chris Foster, FOX News Radio.