Bee Gee Robin Gibb Emerges From Coma, Talking

    Bee Gees star Robin Gibb has doctors praising his courage and will to live as he emerges from his coma.

    FOX News Radio's Jane Metzler has this update:

    Audio clip:

    (Song - "I've Got to Get a Message to You") "I just gotta get a message to you..."

    Overcoming incredible odds...

    (Song - I've Got to Get a Message to You") "Hold on, hold on..."

    ...And confounding his doctors at the London Clinic, Bee Gees singer Robin Gibb, emerging from a coma.  Last week, the family was warned he might not wake up.

    Battling colorectal cancer, the 62-year-old, described as exhausted and weak after two surgeries and debilitating chemotherapy.  On IV antibiotics and oxygen for pneumonia, he's now fully conscious and able to speak, but needs to be fed intravenously.

    Jane Metzler, FOX News Radio.