Healthcare’s Day in Court: Part II – Playing Politics [VIDEO]

Lawyers from both sides will appear before the U.S. Supreme Court next week, arguing their cases in the legal challenge of President Obama's healthcare law.  As legal experts prep for court, the timing of the challenge is also putting the law in the spotlight politically, especially with Republican Presidential candidates.

FOX News Radio's Rich Johnson has the politics of the health care law from Washington in this installment of our special series, "Healthcare's Day in Court":

Audio clip:

All the Republican candidates have blasted the Affordable Care Act, but one has also had to deny that he's the inspiration for it.

(Romney) "What we did was right for the people of Massachusetts.  The plan is still favored there by three-to-one."

...Mitt Romney, who sheparded a bill through the Massachusetts legislature to cover a small slice of that state's poor.  Rick Santorum says that's a deal-breaker, and makes Romney...

(Santorum) "Simply the wrong person to put up against President Obama."

The Supreme Court could rule this summer, and political experts believe complete or partial repeal would be a huge blow to President Obama's reelection hopes.

In a recent FOX poll, nearly six-in-ten Americans said they favor repealing all or part of the healthcare law.

In Washington, Rich Johnson, FOX News Radio.

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