A suspected plot to attack the U.S. and Israeli Embassies in Azerbaijan where security forces claim would-be attackers were hired by Iran.

FOX News Radio's Emily Wither reports:

22 people arrested, all Azerbaijan citzens; alleged to have been trained in Iran by the country's Revolutionary Guards. It's not clear when or where these arrests took place. Authorities reporting last month they foiled a plot to attack the Israeli Embassy and a Jewish Center there at the time when Iran was suspected of attacking Israeli targets in Thailand, Georgia, and India. Tehran accuses Azerbaijani's of helping alleged Israeli assassinations in Iran.

In Jerusalem, Emily Wither, FOX News Radio.

Editor's Note: U.S. officials tell FOX News that the 22 arrests in Azerbaijan have occurred over "several weeks" and these officials say initial indicators suggest Iranian involvement behind these plots. This does appear to be part of a broader pattern by Iran to use its proxies, given recent plots in Thailand, India, the former Soviet Republic of Georgia, and most significantly, last year's plot to allegedly target the Saudi Envoy in D.C.

Watch this VIDEO for more on the story:

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