[Video] A Win is a Win!

A Win is a Win! Mitt Romney swept Michigan and Arizona yesterday, taking almost every meaningful Demographic to continue the long slog towards the nomination, even if the hardcore Conservative Base never gets behind him. Can Rick Santorum course correct after his sojourn into obscure JFK references and can Newt Gingrich becomes the Re-Animated “Non Romney” for the Third time with some Super Tuesday upsets? Gibson examines. Plus: Is it “squeaking by in your home state” if Conservative Pundits, Bloggers, Conservative Talk Radio, the Obama Media, Obama himself and Organizing for America have aligned themselves against you and you still win?

Plus: Mitt pours Cold Water on Brokered Convention fans, Rick Santorum’s Woman Problem, Conservatives Media blasts Mitt for not wanting to “set his hair on fire” to win Nomination and Is Obama going to win anyway and it’s about down ticket?