After serving our country in WWII, a Veteran from Michigan says no one came to his aid after he was carjacked.

FOX News Radio's Pam Puso has the story:

86 year-old Aaron Brantley was attacked at a gas station in Detroit, in broad daylight.

Brantley: "All I knew was eyes on the ground."

What happened next, may have been worse. Suffering from a broken leg, Brantley started crawling to get help. Surveillance video shows him struggling, as people passed him by in cars, and on foot.

Brantley: "If I had saw somebody crawling like that on the ground, I would have stopped myself."

Hours after last week's carjacking, the Veteran's Chrysler was found. The radio and wheels missing. He recently bought it to replace another car that had been stolen.

Pam Puso, FOX News Radio.

Editor's Note: As of this posting, no arrests have been made.

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