Michigan and Arizona voters head to the polls Tuesday, and Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum are both trying to make a clean sweep of the races.

FOX News Radio's Joy Piazza previews the primaries:

From America's Election Headquarters...

Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum are in a tight race, but Romney tells FOX News Sunday that he's confident he can win his home state of Michigan.

(Romney) "About 10 days ago, I think Rasmussen has me down 15 points in Michigan, now it's tied or I'm slightly ahead.  I think I can show that I can fight real hard."

Meanwhile, Santorum used his momentum in the polls to criticize Romney's policies at an event in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

(Santorum) "He supported the bailouts.  And now says that I'm not for any more bailouts.  Where's the credibility?"

Ron Paul also spent Sunday in Michigan, but Newt Gingrich was in his home state of Georgia and will spend Monday in Tennessee.

Joy Piazza, FOX News Radio.

WATCH more about why Michigan is so important to GOP hopefuls HERE:

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