New York has a new cardinal, following Timothy Dolan's elevation from archbishop.  But could Cardinal Dolan be in for bigger things?  Is the Catholic Church ready for an American pope?

FOX's Lauren Green reports:

Timothy Cardinal Dolan returned from Rome like a rock star, with cameras following him everywhere.  Dolan, Archbishop of New York, is popular, politically savvy and a cheerleader for the church.  In just 10 years, he's risen through the ranks of being a local bishop to a cardinal, receiving his red hat and ring in Rome.  It's gotten people all over the world raising the question of whether Timothy Cardinal Dolan could one day be the first American pope.  John Allen, Senior Correspondent, National Catholic Reporter...

(Allen) "If there is a rising star, if there is a new hit single with a bullet on the Billboard chart, it is probably Cardinal Dolan of New York."

Americans are considered long-shots for the papacy - the nation's superpower status runs counter to the Church's outreach mission.  But still, the possibility of an American as the Bishop of Rome is strongest it's ever been.

Lauren Green, FOX News Radio.