The U.S. and European and Arab nations are meeting in hopes of stopping the fighting that kills more Syrians every day.

FOX News Radio's Emily Wither reports:

Secretary of State Hiliary Clinton is in Tunisia with around 70 nations, looking for options.

Her appearance delayed at the conference, after around 200 pro-Syrian demonstrators tired to storm it.

But the common theme is -- change is a must.

Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu is head of the Islamic Conference.

(Ihsanoglu) "When a crisis comes to such a  point there should be a sacrifice. The sacrifice should be done by, not the people, by the leaders."

Before the peacekeeping mission there are calls for an immediate cease-fire to allow humanitarian aid in.

In Jerusalem, Emily Wither, FOX News Radio

WATCH more on the call for cease-fire in Syria:

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