Courtesy: MyFOXChicago

It has taken several days, but emergency officials have finally found a body under piles of garbage in a suburban Chicago home.

FOX News Radio's Jennifer Keiper has details:

72-year-old Margaret Scheibe hadn't been heard from for more than a month.

Friends worried and a neighbor called police about a foul smell coming Scheibe's home. Officers found garbage in a couple of cars in the driveway and piled up to the ceiling in some parts of the house.

Scheibe's body has been found under some of that trash.

Justin Christian works with a company that has to clean out houses like this.

(Christian) "When we go into situations like this we are provided with respirators, the heavy duty kind, so that we're not breathing anything that's toxic. We do wear rubber gloves and will fully suit up in rubber suits, if need be."

In this case, police are questioning the victim's 42-year-old son, who had been living with his mother.

In Chicago, Jennifer Keiper FOX News Radio.

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