President Obama backs down a bit from a mandate that reliously affiliated organizations must provide birth control services.

FOX News Radio White House Correspondent Mike Majchrowitz reports:

Hoping to tamp down the controversy over his contraception mandate, President Obama announced an accommodation for religiously based organizations. They will no longer be required to provide contraceptive services free of charge, but their health plan will, out of its own pockets.

(Obama)"The result will be that religous organizations won't have to pay for these services."

Mark Rienzi with the Becket Fund which is leading a trio of law suits against the policy calls it a false compromise.

(Rienzi)"The religious employer is still being required to provide a policy that pays for drugs that cause abortions."

Rienzi also notes the administration is going ahead with the original rules with out defining who exactly who this new exemption would cover.

At the White House, Mike Majchrowitz, FOX News Radio

WATCH President Obama address the contraception mandate controversy:

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