A teenage boy shot himself in the face in a school cafeteria full of students having lunch at Walpole Elementary School in New Hampshire Friday.

FOX News Radio's Marga Bessette reports:

A 14-year old boy shot himself in front of a cafeteria full of his peers. Cheshire County Attorney Peter Heed says that teen is still alive.

"We're sad to confirm we had a incident. Which we can confirm that the initial investigation at this time would indicate a self-inflicted gunshot wound involving one student. "

His name and condition were not released. No one else was hurt. Fifth through eighth graders attend Walpole Elementary school. Some students telling reporters on the scene that the boy had been passing notes earlier this week saying he was feeling depressed. Now parents were being allowed in to pick up their children, some of whom were being interviewed by police.

In New Hampshire, Marga Bessette, FOX News Radio.

Editor's Note: About 70 students were in the cafeteria at the time of the shooting. Approximately 170 students attend the school. The town of Walpole has about 3,000 people and is approximately 15 miles northwest of Keene, NH.