Hoosier politics got a jolt over the weekend, as Indiana's Secretary of State is convicted of several felonies, including voter fraud.  So what does his future have in store?  Could he keep his job?

FOX News Radio's Chris Stanley reports:

Charlie White, Indiana's Republican Secretary of State, found guilty by a jury of six felonies, including three counts of voter fraud and two counts of perjury.  He was prosecuted for lying about where he lived on a voter registration form, and a civil judge found last December that because of that, White wasn't an eligible candidate when he wont the Secretary of State's post last November.

Democrats now want their man, Vop Osili, who came in second in the election, to be appointed to the job.  But GOP Governor Mitch Daniels has made only an interim appointment, saying White's felonies could be reduced to misdemeanors at sentencing, and he could keep his job.

Chris Stanley, FOX News Radio.