It's another Election Night victory for Mitt Romney, this time in Nevada.  But Romney and his fellow candidates have little time to revel or sulk in the results, as three more states head to the polls on Tuesday.

FOX News Radio's Jessica Rosenthal reports from Summerlin, NV:

Romney kept his victory speech here short, sweet but pointed, like a laser on President Obama.

(Romney) "Four years ago, candidate Obama came to Nevada promising to help.  But after he was elected, his help was telling people to skip coming here for conventions and meetings."

Romney told the large, raucous crowd that if they want a President to give them benefits and handouts, he's not their guy.

(Romney) "I want you to remember why it was you or your ancestors, who sacrificed to come to America and to overcome the challenges of life in a new country, why they came here.  It was not for a free ticket.  It was for freedom."

Sunday, Romney has no events scheduled, but then the candidates refocus.  Tuesday, Minnesota and Colorado hold caucuses and Missouri holds a primary.

At Red Rock Casino in Summerlin, Jessica Rosenthal, FOX News Radio.