Investigators are cleaning up after a deadly highway pileup on Interstate 75, south of Gainesville, Florida. A string of drivers collided on highway with low visibility. Authorities are working on finding an exact cause for the crash that killed at least 10 people.

Matt Augustine of FOX News Radio affiliate WOKV in Jacksonville, Florida reports:

It looked like a scene out of an action thriller, but the reality was anything but thrilling.

Florida Highway Patrol reports at least 10 killed in the massive pileup and they're blaming it on low visibility in the area due to a brush fire. Investigators are looking into the possibility that fire was set intentionally.

Lieutenant Patrick Riordan says at least four large commercial vehicles and about six passenger vehicles were involved.

(Riordan)"The extent of some of the damage to these vehicles. There was, you know, several of the people that were in these vehicles, they died right where they were sitting. "

The highway was closed in both directions for several hours while police investigated. Riordan called it the worst crash he's seen in 27 years as a Trooper.

In Jacksonville, Matt Augustine, FOX News Radio