Thoughts become things.

They always have and they always will.

We become what we think about most.

It’s why baseball players envision hitting the home run, not striking out. It’s why we envision a safe trip as we pull out of the driveway, not a wreck around the corner.

We tell people to have a NICE day, not a mediocre or an awful one.

Why do you think the expression “Be careful what you wish for!” come about?

Because it’s true!!

What an amazing power to have and it’s exclusive to us humans! How LUCKY we are!! How BLESSED!!

The powers of belief, positive thinking, and wishing are some of the most powerful in the Universe!!

But they won’t get you far until you start keeping closer inventory on what your thoughts are and how you are looking at things.

It’s not an accident that some days you sing in the shower and other days you slip and curse.

It’s also not an accident when everyone seems to be smiling and every door in front of you opens, seemingly just for YOU.

Our attitude and vision determines all of this! And since we are always in CONTROL of our attitude and vision, that’s the greatest gift we could ever ask for!

Our feelings are based on our daily thoughts.

If you are feeling down, you probably aren’t envisioning sunny days and picnics and your boss giving you a raise.

And if you are happy and cheerful, it’s a safe bet you aren’t contemplating famine and Armageddon.

Become aware of how you look at things! It may seem a huge task, and at first it pretty much IS.

But after a short period of time, you will learn to go back to auto-pilot.

Only NOW you will never have a negative, self defeating thought again without at least being AWARE OF IT.

And if you are aware of it, you can stop it in mid-thought and change course!

It’s like being in the wrong lane and realizing it and making the adjustment. It’s as simple as that.

But like anything worth learning, it takes study and practice.

Stay motivated, stay positive, and ask yourself how you are feeling today and every day and realize that to change your feelings, change your thoughts!

And you will change your world!