A heated exchange took place between President Obama and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer on a tarmac at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport.

FOX News Radio's Steve Rappoport has the details:

They smiled and shook hands after President Obama touched down in Mesa yesterday, but Arizona Governor Jan Brewer tell FOX's Greta Van Susteren the conversation quickly soured.

(Brewer) "He immediately took umbrage, if you will, about my book that I wrote "Scorpions for Breakfast" and was somewhat of disgruntled, if you will, about the way he was portrayed."

The book refers to their White House meeting in 2010 to discuss immigration.

(Brewer) "I don't know why he was surprised by my book. He is very thin-skinned in regards to it."

The Republican Governor shook her finger at the President before he walked away.

Despite the exchange, a White House official says the President told Brewer he would meet with her again.

Steve Rappoport, FOX News Radio

WATCH Gov. Jan Brewer discuss the exchange:

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