VIRAL VIDEOS: Week of January 20th

Here’s what’s going viral now on Facebook.

“I’m Elmo and I Know It.”

It’s the child friendly version of the LMFAO hit song, “I’m Sexy and I Know It” sung by every toddler’s favorite red puppet… Elmo.  The G-rated lyrics are as infectiously cute as the video clips of Elmo getting his groove on … complete with cameos from Kermit the Frog and Cookie Monster.

Then, there’s this:

“Fotoshop by Adobe.”

It’s a fake commercial that sarcastically blasts the advertising industry’s reliance on Photoshop to create unrealistic images of women.  The satire pitches Photoshop as a beauty regiment that can help women lose weight, brighten smiles and even change their race.

And, Facebook users are hitting the “like” button on:

“Jam – Fresh Prince of Bel Air Remix.”

This masterfully edited video takes voices and beats from the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” sitcom and rearranges them to create a fun ear bug guaranteed to bring back lots of 90’s memories.

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I’m Lauren Faulkner and those are your Facebook Status Updates on FOX News Radio.