In the small mountain town of Weaverville, North Carolina, a pagan mother's challenge to the distribution of donated Bibles at a local school has prompted the Buncombe County Board of Education to re-evaluate its policies.

FOX's Jonathan Serrie reports:

Ginger Strivelli says she was upset when her 12 year-old son came home from North Windy Ridge Intermediate School with a Gideons Bible. When she attempted to donate books on witchcraft to the school, Strivelli says she was turned away.

Strivelli: "Schools should not be giving out one religion's material and not others."

Buncombe County School officals say they're reviewing relevant policies and practices with their school board attorneys. In the meantime, no school in the district will be accepting donations of materials that could be viewed as advocating a particular religion or belief.

In Atlanta, Jonathan Serrie, FOX News Radio.

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