Opponents of Wisconsin's Republican Governor Scott Walker say they've collected hundreds of thousands of signatures to force a recall election.

FOX News Radio's Jennifer Keiper reports:

(cheering/music) A crowd lines the path to Wisconsin's Government Accountability Board offices as box after box is carried in by recall supporters:  

(Clerk) "This is to recall Walker."  

(Organizer) "Yep."

Organizers say they've collected almost double the number needed to force Republican Governor Scott Walker and four GOP Senators into a recall election.

(Clerk) "And what are your total number of approximated signatures?"  

(Organizer) "Approximately a million."

What spurred this was anger over Walker's moves to curb union bargaining for most public workers, as part of the effort to balance the state's budget.  

Now, all of the signatures delivered have to be verified.  

Jennifer Keiper, FOX News Radio.

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