Courtesy: SETX

They say everything is bigger in Texas... including car accidents. Thursday morning there was a 50 car pileup on an Interstate Highway.

FOX News Radio's Chris Hoenig reports:

More than 50 cars were involved in the pileup on Interstate 73 outside Beaumont.

Smoke from an annual marsh burn, combining with fog reduced visibility on the highway, causing the wreck.

Labelle-Fannett Fire Chief Charles Sonnier needed every tool in his arsenal to transport the dozens of victims...

(Sonnier) "Fifteen people transported by ambulance, three people were transported by air rescue, and then 24 people were transported on a bus to the local hospitals."

Four people were critically injured, but nobody was killed in the accident, unlike a past one on the same stretch of highway.

(Sonnier) "About four years ago, we had this same accident because of the fog and the smoke, but we had seven fatalities."

Chris Hoenig, FOX News Radio 

WATCH aerial footage of the aftermath HERE: