The Grinch - aka the economy - may have stolen the classic corporate holiday party in recent years, but this month, company festivities are making a comeback.

FOX News Radio's Jessica Rosenthal reports from Los Angeles:

At Bob & Gail Special Events, workers decorate a garland with ornaments and load up a large truck.  Inside is a snowman for an upcoming party.

Vice President of Sales, Allison Levine estimates Christmas party bookings are up about 10-20%.

(Levine) "I think some people are not feeling as much of the weight from the recession on their shoulders.  I think for some industries it is coming back, especially in the corporate world."

That sounds about right to Jennifer Glass at CareerBuilder, which did a survey of 2600 businesses.

(Glass) "58% of employers are planning to throw a holiday party for their employees.  That's actually up from 52%."

Robert Simon's law group started a few years ago.  This is his first holiday party, and he's doing it big: 200 people, catered.

(Simon) "We've got a lot of big settlement amounts, verdict amounts, and have gained a lot more notoriety in the community.  And we'd like to continue that, so we're holding a party, not only for our appreciation for our employees and clients, but also for name recognition and helping our firm continue to market."

Though with unemployment still high and many businesses not hiring, some say it's possible companies will spend less on a party, but at least have one for a morale boost.

In LA, Jessica Rosenthal, FOX News Radio.