A new study finds that your rear end will turn into a bowl of jelly if you sit down too much.

Well, not literally and not exactly.

But close.

Sitting down too much makes you fat.

And the cruelest past is that it doesn't matter how much you work out or hit the gym, either.

That's right, even if you are athletic and work out a lot, you are not immune to the fact that up to 50% more fat cells develop on parts of the body you put the most pressure on when sitting or laying down.

Most similar studies involve people who aren't very active.

YIKES. This one affects those of us who get the blood pumping on the treadmill hours and hours every week. We aren't safe from this bottom dwelling (literally) menace!

I sit down for hours when I prep and when I blog.

But I almost always stand when I host my radio show, thank goodness.

This study doesn't surprise me though.

Ever seen how yucky the water can get at the bottom of a pond with zero water circulation? It stagnates. It's gross.

So the cream may rise to the top. But the fat is forming at the bottom.

Maybe even YOUR bottom.

We weren't designed to just sit around and stagnate. We were meant to run with the wind. Or at least glide with the breeze.

So get up and move around as much as you can!!