Thanksgiving is just days away, and what is more embarrassing than preparing a mediocre-at-best dinner for the whole family?  Well, here at FOX News Radio, we're here to help.  Not only are we offering tips to avoid disaster in the kitchen, but today we have a tip to take your meal to the next level, thanks to a little brainstorming from the Bayou.

FOX News Radio's Lilian Woo offers up tips to make your stuffing a real star:

Looking for Thanksgiving inspiration?  Of course there's the turkey.  But author and acclaimed Louisiana chef John Besh says the star of the show is the stuffing - which they call dressings - made with French bread and similar to familiar stove top stuffing.

(Besh) "But then we'll add oysters to it.  Mmmmm.  Little bit of chopped up bacon and some onions, some garlic, and you're really onto something when you've got that combination.  And then we'll take Andouille sausage and chop it up along with cornbread, make a cornbread dressing that we'll add some crawfish tails to.  A few pats of butter over that, let it bake.  Lord have Mercy, there's nothing better.

Other favorites: rice dressing.

(Besh) "It's like our tribute to dirty rice, but it's extra juicy and rich."

And there's the shrimp-crab meat and mirliton - a type of squash.  And that's a taste of how it's done in Louisiana.

Lilian Woo, FOX News Radio.

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