VIRAL VIDEOS: Week of August 26th

Here’s what’s going viral now on Facebook.

“Rockers – OK Go – meet the Muppets.”

As they team up to sing a “new” version of the classic the Muppet show theme…

All your favorite characters are make appearances in the video… from the Swedish chef – to Kermit and Fozzy Bear — and even Dr. Teeth!

Then – there’s this one…

“Flash Mob Wedding Proposal.”

Where the unknowing bride to be – walks into a flash mob of singers – in this perfectly planned wedding proposal…

The groom makes his way to the bride via mall escalator to pop the question… and the bride says yes!

It takes place in one of the biggest malls in Johannesburg South Africa… The cute dance routine that goes hand in hand with their singing – was choreographed – and the dancers – are pro’s! Part of Fame Academy… Caitlin’s Castings and Andy Beck Dance School.

And, Facebook users are hitting the like button on this:

“Surprise Wedding.”

The bride thinks she’s heading to a retirement party!

She has no idea that 200 of her family and friends are waiting for her to get married to her fiancée! Her man – has thought of absolutely EVERYTHING… he even had her bedroom set brought in so she’d have anything and EVERYTHING she needed… and even brought in her hair dresser to get her spiffed up for the ceremony.

Don’t worry… the nuptials go off without a hitch – and the happy couple walks into the sunset together…

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For Lauren Faulkner, I’m Chris Foster and those are your Facebook status updates on Fox News Radio.