The trial of Casey Anthony, the Florida mother charged with murder in her two-year-old daughter's death, is nearing an end.  The fate of the 25-year-old now rests in the hands of the jury.

FOX News Radio's Eben Brown reports from Orlando...

The morning got underway with Prosecutors Jeffrey Ashton and Linda Drane Burdick presenting their closing rebuttal.

Hear some of Prosecutor Jeffrey Ashton's closing rebuttal HERE...

Here's a full review of the Prosecution's Closing Rebuttal from FOX Producer Kathleen Reuschle, who was in the courtroom:

Prosecutors Jeffrey Ashton and Linda Drane Burdick took two tacks with their rebuttal case - one zooming in on the details - the other discussing the big picture.

Ashton honed in on the expert science testimony the state presented and defending his witnesses opinions against allegations made by the defense that they amounted to fantasy, nonsense and phantoms.

Linda Drane Burdick took a wider approach telling jurors her worst fear is they would suspend all their common sense.

Ashton said all the experts agreed the fact that Caylee's jaw bone was found still attached to the skull was an anomaly- as it routinely detaches as a body decomposes.

Ashton then attacked the notion that the crime scene may have been staged by showing jurors the photos of Caylee's skull as it was found back in December 08 covered in wet leaves with grey duct tape near the eye socket. And followed with medical examiner photos which clearly showed duct tape tangled under the jaw.

He said George Anthony denied there was an accidental drowning on the stand - and said if there were there would no reason to cover it up. The suicide letter was not evidence of guilt, but the cry of a man who didn't understand the world anymore.

Linda Drane Burdick told the jury that they didn't spend days detailing Casey's travails to try to paint her as a "slut" and appeal to jury emotion as defense alleged-rather they went through Casey's timeline to show jurors Casey's lies and inappropriate response of a mother whose child had died.

She hammered home that if the death were an accident - then why had the scenario been denied -twice- by Casey herself - and then played the audio of Sergeant John Allen's interview with Casey where he lists accident scenarios -all the while Casey maintaining Caylee is alive. Next she played a video visitation with Cindy Anthony where Cindy says "the latest theory is Caylee drowned in the pool" and Casey response "surprise surprise"

Burdick summed up with a powerful finale - asking the jurors - whose life was better when Caylee died? She then played Cindy Anthony's hysterical 911 call - and made reference to George's attempted suicide. In contrast - she showed jurors a side by side photo of Casey partying with her "Bella Vita" tattoo. And said "there's your answer"

Aside from the drama Burdick even undercut Baez's asides where he maintained Casey was a good mother - albeit with a dysfunctional family that gave her "issues" so severe she behaved the way she died. Burdick submitted Casey wasn't a great mother - but an adequate mother - and that in fact Cindy was the woman who had provided Caylee's necessities all along.

Burdick told the jurors Casey had no issues that couldn't be explained with 2 words "pathological liar"

She submitted Casey's imaginary friends are more commonly known as LIES - lies for the purpose of getting herself out of a jam....


Casey normally didn't spend too much time looking at jurors during the trial but today she watched them as they exited to deliberate hoping to win a last eye contact moment- but jurors did not return her gaze and exited quickly.

Cindy and George looked shaky in the hall - George with a swollen face sniffling into a tissue and Cindy raising her palm to the back of her neck hunched over in a hallway alcove.

Before sending the jury in to deliberate, Judge Belvin Perry read them instructions.  These included definitions of the charges and protocols they are to follow in returning a verdict.

Judge Perry went over procedures that the jury will follow...