The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has voted to allow virtually unlimited new domain names, in the internet's biggest shake-up since it began 26 years ago.  But the changes won't come right away, and don't come without a price - the newest names may not be approved until late next year, at the earliest.

FOX News Radio's Jeff Monosso has details in this edition of "FOX on Tech"...

It's being called the dawn of a new age of innovation in domain name space.

"The internet's addressing system has just been opened up to the limitless possibilities of human imagination and creativity."

ICANN's Chief Executive Rod Beckstrom says internet surfers will soon see new domain names, not with ".com" or ".net" at the end, but with...

"The 'dot' with whatever they want."

Applications for new domain names will be taken during a 90-day window beginning next January, and they'll come with a cost: $185,000.  All meant, ICANN board members say, to prevent scammers from grabbing up valuable domain names like ".McDonalds," ".Pepsi," and ".FOXNews."


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