Our home is incredibly haunted. It really is.

I am not writing this as bait for the closed minded who laugh at me and mock what I am saying and describing. I don't need to prove anything to anyone. Their close mindedness is their own problem, not mine.

All I can say for certainty is that my wife and I have witnessed FULL BODIED APPARITIONS down to the very detail of what they are wearing, that they are male, hair style, etc. That's compelling enough for me.

Not to mention most of the kids have had real personal experiences throughout the past 4 years we have lived in the home. Oftentimes together at the same time with other witnesses.

We've had apparitions, EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon or spirit voices not generally heard with the ear but captured on recording devices), knocking, slamming, whispers in our ears (disembodied voices), etc.

I've actually argued that if one of the television ghost hunting teams came into our home they'd have their money's worth as they would find more activity in our home than in a typical season of their shows.

This past Friday was perhaps the oddest incident yet.

It happened when I was on the air hosting my end of the week show.

The kids had just come in from swimming and my wife Sarah was in the master bedroom where the pool and yard are visible.

As she looked out to the yard, one of our giant pool umbrellas OPENED UP BY ITSELF.

Ok. Let me back up here a second. There was NO WIND to speak of at our home Friday afternoon. NONE. In fact, the lack of even a breeze is what resulted in the kids calling it quits early since they were all roasting and sun baked.

This umbrella isn't like a small beach umbrella or one you'd walk down the street with. It is SOLID and VERY HEAVY and takes effort even for me to open it with both hands.

It also requires a PIN to hold the umbrella in the open position once it is fully extended.

So this heavy umbrella opened BY ITSELF with ZERO WIND and STAYED OPEN for several moments WITHOUT THE PIN to hold it open.

But it gets better.

It then was dragged almost 3 feet to the edge of the pool...WITH its VERY HEAVY AND SOLID base!

This base is a PAIN to move. And it's designed that way or else poolside umbrellas would be buckling and flying about left and right. It's designed to STAY PUT.

And it always HAS. In fact, it never budged an INCH a few weeks back when we had those crazy tornado warnings and severe wind storms in the Sacramento area.

This base and umbrella were dragged with such force across the concrete that a visible trail could be seen and chips of the base where evident as well.

Once the base stopped at the edge of the pool, the umbrella fell into the pool and broke beyond repair.

Ok. I am a solid debunker.

A good paranormal investigator always rules everything "normal" out before they even start scratching the surface of "paranormal" explanations.

Let's start with the umbrella. As I already stated, it's a BEAR to open even with two hands. It is VERY heavy duty and it's built tough on purpose. It also needs a pin to keep open, again already stated above.

So how does a heavy duty umbrella FLY OPEN and STAY OPEN with no pin when there is not enough breeze to even make the wind chimes clang?? The leaves barely moved on the trees. We had empty and cheap plastic cups on a table outside near the umbrella and they didn't budge.

So...there wasn't enough wind to move the leaves or the chimes or the empty, light as a feather cups but there was to LIFT OPEN from below a HUGE umbrella??

I don't think so.

And how does one explain the base dragging nearly THREE FEET to the edge of the pool??

You might say wind. Only problem is, there WAS NO WIND. NONE. So get the wind scenario out of your mind already. NO WIND.

Was there a slope? Nope. NONE.

So explain to me how an 80 to 100 pound base with a giant umbrella on it can scrape across three feet of concrete with NO WIND. In case the skeptics are wondering, the base didn't have wheels! It was flush with the concrete and had enough friction to leave a mark on the concrete and chip away at the base.

Also...as part of debunking, a solid investigator always tries to recreate the incident. We had some pretty windy moments over the weekend. STILL the base wouldn't budge. The umbrellas outside STILL would not mysteriously open on their own.

Here's the bottom line. If this incident didn't happen with 60 mph winds and tornado warnings, how did it happen with ZERO WIND on a calm afternoon?

By the way, NONE of the kids were outside at the time. I was at work and my wife witnessed it all from INSIDE. NO ONE WAS OUT BACK.

I tried opening the umbrella and dragging it across the concrete and almost broke my back doing it. Those bases don't move that easily. They wouldn't be doing their job if they did.

This blog is more to chronicle and share with you the events in our own home. It is not intended to convince you of the paranormal or to fuel any close minded skepticism.

It really happened. And as much as one might want to explain it away with logical explanations, it just can't be rationalized away.

Some things, whether we like or want or need them to be, cannot be explained with rulers and logic.