Anyone who has listened to me on the air for a period of time knows there are two things at least I have said I would never do.

Start a Twitter account and have a lap dog.

Well, I ended up with both in the same week.

Let’s start off with the doggie since many are softies for a good pet adoption story. I know I am.

Our neighbor was trying to find a home for a puppy from his dogs most recent litter. Yes, THAT neighbor. The one I not so affectionately have nicknamed “Rooster Man” and “A word I can’t really say here” because of his rooster crowing at 4am (he FINALLY got rid of it) and his in our face attitude that became a way of life with him.

The male puppy was a chihuahua-maltese mix and cute as a button. But we were NOT going to keep him. NO WAY. We’d try to get my widowed father to adopt him as a companion at his San Francisco home. Or see if our friends could make a home for him. But WE were NOT going to KEEP him. I insisted.

Well, a couple of glasses of Two Buck Chuck and an hour on my lap later, I was in love with this fair little creature. He somehow was growing on me and he had clearly bonded with me, too.


Next thing I know we named him Puck (from mythology, not hockey) and he was declared my doggie.

He’s the most loyal pet I have EVER had. He sits with me, sleeps with me, and even goes to work with me and just sleeps while I host the show. Hopefully the audience isn’t joining him.

The second thing I said I would never do is Tweet. After all, it sounds like something a bird does.

But the temptation had been growing for some time and I finally gave in.

No, it’s not to see what Paris Hilton is up to or where the latest bands are playing their next concert.

It’s more of a tool to help grow my show and share my views the way I have for a while on Facebook. And it’s fun to see what certain folks are doing.

And to be honest, I am LOVING it and find it just as thrilling and engaging as my Facebook adventures.

So there you go. I have a 2 pound dog named Puck and am @Radiospencer on Twitter.

Who would have thought?