Ever forget it's your anniversary or birthday or that it is a special day until you are several hours into it?

The anniversary of September 11, 2001 should never be one of those days. We should know well in advance that it is coming, like a far off ship on the horizon.

And we should certainly feel it on the day it arrives.

It was 8 years ago today that our lives changed forever. Not just my life and yours. But ALL OF OUR LIVES. Even the lives of Americans not yet born were affected by the barbaric and cowardly terrorist attacks on our great nation.

But where is the footage? Just when you thought it couldn't get more sparse--it did. I watched for hours today and saw--if I saw any reference at all--mainly still pictures.

Where was the video of the planes hitting the World Trade Center?

Where was the Pentagon in flames?

Where was the billowing smoke from Pennsylvania?

Where were the people running the streets covered in blood and soot--the horrified face of a nation?


This is destined to be forgotten just as Pearl Harbor has been largely forgotten as the Greatest Generation passes away by the thousands each week.

You see, the mainstream media seems to think we have seen too much already. It would just re-open wounds that need to be closed and remain so. It would just be too upsetting.

GOOD. We NEED to be upset.

Thousands of innocent lives were taken and thousands more destroyed forever by their loss.

Men and women are fighting as I write this, wearing the uniform of the American Armed Forces. Many others fight as our allies.

This isn't a time to forget.

It is a time to remember.

Please do that today. Alone or with your family and friends.


And never...ever...forget.