8 yrs between attacks from 1993-2001...now we are 8yrs later and wondering if we are safer and if we truly have cut the heart out of Al Qaeda. If the Guardian report is true this morning and there is just 6 main guys left it would be encouraging. Words is the Droan attacks started during the last 6 months of Bush and continuing up until yesterday are causing such damage to AQ that the Taliban is starting to break away. Afterall we are not targeting them bit they are dying because they have attached themselves to AQ. If we are still looking hard for UBL now might be the time to flush him out or have him turned in.

As I said on Fox and Friends this morning as you see people jumped out their death rather then be burned alive compare it to the compassion some have shown for KSM or Abu Zubyada and let me know if your hear aches for those two mutants. Those who died were going to work those who were water-boarded killed more Americans then anyone else in history and plotted to kill us all..