Great weekend for those on all sides of the health care debates.. The judge was in Texas in front of 25k at a tea party 50k at least in DC and 15k in Minnesota for the President. All sides creating passion and today the Prez changes gears and talks about the economy 1 year after the failure of Lehman Brothers. The President at Wall Street today kinda weird he was here on Wednesday..and now on Monday but missed on Friday (911)

That was the time to burn the jet fuel and hit all 3 sites for 911- he decided not to- but what I really care about is his Afghan Taliban Pakistan policy and we are about to find out.

Notice UBL released a tape today and now his problem is with the U-S and Israel..Really? I thought it was because we had a base in Saudi Arabia? It would e great for this country to get him this Fall and I think the Droans blowing part the Taliban in Afghanistan could make it happen.. Republicans will be the residents best Allie through both wars Senator Levin already played his hand and its get out..Now