Beyonce goes a-butt kickin’ in this week’s FOXLight DVD Release roundup.  The audience adored, yet critically maligned Obsessed had Ms. Knowles and “The Wire’s” Idris Elba in a happy marriage…at least until Ali Larter as the temp worker/temptress turns stalker, causing Beyonce to go all Sasha Fierce.

Dwayne “formerly The Rock” Johnson is a taxi driver squiring two teen runaways who happen to harbor supernatural powers in Race To Witch Mountain, based on the 1975 flick and 1968 book “Escape From Witch Mountain”.

And Oscar winners Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey, Jr. team up for The Soloist, where Foxx is a homeless violin prodigy who is discovered playing on the L.A. streets by journalist Downey, and a unique and inspiring relationship is born.

Also out this week:

The five-part PBS documentary You Must Remember This: The Warner Bros. Story comes to DVD exclusively from Clint Eastwood narrates this tribute to the iconic movie studio, which is chock full of 85 years worth of restored clips.

And TV shows premiering on DVD this week include:

1970’s kitsch classic The Love Boat: Season 2, Volume 2

Cable hits, the soon to return Project Runway: Season 5; HBO wack jobs Flight Of The Conchords: Season 2; Adult Swimmers Tim and Eric, Awesome Show, Great Job!: Season 3

And British Mystery fave Agatha Christie’s Marple: Series 4

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