When all else fails, sue. Is that the new American way of life? Not really, since many people never even wait until all else fails to sue.

Suing seems to be a national pastime. Why make money working when you can just sue and possibly make more money in one gamble than you could your entire life?

We are on the frightening brink of making health care a right to all Americans.  It is not a right, nor could it or should it be.

But many people apparently think that they also have a right to a job.

Trina Thompson got her bachelor's degree in April. It is now August and she is still unable to find work.

Her solution? Double her efforts? Send out more resumes?

Nope. Sue. Sue her school for $70,000! That's the cost of her tuition.

Apparently, she feels entitled to a job merely because she holds a degree. No offense to Trina, but there are people out there with much higher degrees who are unemployed along with her.

I don't know what takes more audacity--suing like this, or being her mother who agrees with the lawsuit.

Can you believe this??

News flash: you do not have a right to a job. Your school has not--and CANNOT--guarantee that you will have a job upon graduation. An education usually does give you a LEG UP on the competition who does not have the same level of education. But it certainly cannot promise you will enjoy employment.

What will be next? Not just mere employment, but a job in your area of choice? A job that you LOVE? A job that pays you a certain amount?

This lawsuit is insane, in my opinion.

But it is the even more insane entitlement mentality that has brought us to this point.

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