I think it's a shame that prisoners get God anytime they want but school kids in public schools need to virtually pretend God doesn't exist between 8 and 3 everyday.

I think kids should have a moment of silence during which they can pray or just contemplate their day.

But believe it or not, I do not think religious scripture is appropriate as a Show & Tell subject in kindergarten.

And neither did a U.S. judge who ruled a mother could not read from the Bible during her son's Show & Tell, even if it was his favorite book.

When I was 5, my favorite books were about pirates and firemen. Sorry. If a 5-year-old's favorite book is the Bible or ANY religious text for that matter, I think the parents are being too heavy handed in their religious teachings to that child.

I am sure many of my fellow Christian parents are rubbed the wrong way by my position.

But would they not be the first ones UP IN ARMS if the mother were Muslim and wanting to read a segment from the Koran? How about Show & Tell with the Satanic Bible?

You see my point.

Show & Tell should be something fun and safe and childlike. Remember the days when kids could bring captured salamanders in a jar? Or Army Men figures? Or their favorite comic book? Or some obscure treasure they found on the way to school?

Call me nostalgic. But remember, this is all coming from a guy who went to Catholic/Parochial school most of my life.

In this case the judge was completely right. Common sense prevailed. Hooray for that odd and rare occurrence.

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