We now have a view of what the "New GM" will look like and might I add the happiest kids on campus seem to the unions. Why is the union so happy with a deal they said originally would destroy the US auto business? Because as we learned from peter Morici they got what they wanted from President Obama. As RNC chairman Michael Steele said this was another handout from Obama to the unions who bankrolled his campaign. Now I am getting the sens those who dont like this deal might go out of their way not to buy any GM car. Looking at the calls and my emails and this community you are mad that GM gets a free pass. Could we see GM make a great car but a boycott keesp sales in the toilet?

What do you think and are you as concerned as Congressman Kucinch is? I see people staying away from GM if they are anti- Obama. Do you see a backlash tot he point of GM and Chrysler could be lean mean and putting out the right cars and not be able to sell them to his critics?