well as you know our show was all about the car world focusing on GM today and I embrace it. I am not sure why you go chapter 11 and still get 50 billion from the taxpayer but then again I am not a bankruptcy attorney. It certainly sounds like a good deal am I right?

They will come back without Saturn, Hummer, Saab, and Pontiac and 50% fewer liabilities, but will they be successful?

Here's the million dollar question if GM says its better for business to build our cars in China or Mexico will they be allowed should they be allowed? If its easier to make a profit and pay us back to build their cars elesehwere why can't they do it? It helps us because the cars we will be cheaper and maybe the middle class
will benefit and lower class can afford one.

Would it bother you as a taxpayer to have the new GM or Chrysler use China as a manufacturing hub?