What’s was President Obama thinking- releasing the TOP SECRET CIA memo’s chronicling our interrogations of the AQ’s worst men. Who cares how many times Khalid Sheik Mohammad was water boarded? They try and diminish the importance of the capture of Abu Zubyada then later tell us he revealed more about the structure of that terror group then anyone else and led to the capture of Ramzi Bin Al Sheibh. I want the world to know if you cross us we will do what ever it takes it bring you and your hate monger brethren to their knees not kiss butt and apologize to the world.

President Obama did what was considered laughable to Sen. Biden and Sen. Clinton 1 year ago and just meets with our gravest enemies without preconditions. Hey Castro Kids he’ll be meeting with you in Cuba soon too!! Hugo Chavez seemed to blindside him in Trinidad with the handshake and the stupid anti American book.
Why is he nice to a guy who called him an ignoramus then to his republican critics like Sean Hannity? I believe we need standards for our friendships or our allies will feel dissed for their loyalty.

Great to be back..so much to say and just 3 hrs to say it!!

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