I didn't know the name Susan Boyle until late this week when a listener sent me a link to a clip of her singing on "Britain's Got Talent" television series.

It appears to be essentially a British "American Idol" and Simon Cowell is a producer and one of the judges as well.

When Susan Boyle walked onto the stage, she appeared more like the cliched old spinster then a singing sensation. She used self deprecating humor and claimed she had never been kissed in all her 47 years. The audience frowned upon her. Many snickered. Simon rolled his eyes.

And then...something amazing happened.

Susan began to sing her rendition of the beautiful "I Dreamed A Dream" from the hit musical "Les Miserables"--and all the snickering and eye rolling soon were crowded out by raised eyebrows and pleasant surprises.

This woman was simply remarkable. Her singing was unbelievably sweet and moving and perfect.

Soon the very crowd who had doubted her with mean smirks were giving her a standing ovation. The snickering had turned to tears of joy and wonder at what was before the audience.

The looks on the judges' faces sent chills up my spine. Simon could have kissed this never-been kissed lady, he was so enthralled with her natural talent.

At the end of even I had tears in my eyes. I can't remember the last time a television performace did that to me. My heart was warmed and the segment made my week.

The Times Online reports that a record deal for Susan may be in the works--orchestrated by Simon Cowell himself. She could, and should, go all the way.

The performance is all over the Internet if you search for Susan Boyle, you will find it easily. Do yourself a favor and sit back and watch it.

Susan--thank you for inspiring all of us to be the best we can be. To not let what others initially think of us fill us with discouragement and stop our dreams dead in their tracks.

There is untapped treasure in all of us. We are all here on this Earth to find and nurture and share our inner treasures with those around us. Whether it's a talent for science or arts or sports.

Follow your heart. Follow the little voice inside of you that knows the critics are all wrong.

And more than anything...shine.

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