Save the Planet – Lose Weight!

It’s Earth Day today, I guess, but don’t expect this to be a granola chomping expose on how the earth has a fever and we need to take it to the planet doctor.

Instead I want to take the time to point out once more the insane lengths that the environmental extremists will go to get everyone in a lather.

Recently on my show I have already shared with you some boneheaded ideas such as banning big screen televisions if they aren’t energy efficient enough for some radical energy board in California.

Now the alarmists are telling fat people to get on the ball. Or the treadmill, more like.

The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine warns that each fat person is responsible for adding ONE TON of carbon emissions more each year than a thin person.  According to the European Union, each citizen of the EU is personally responsible for 11 tons of carbon emissions each year.

Fatter people also weigh down cars more, thus…you guessed it…draining more fossil fuels.

So put that bacon cheeseburger down and order the sprouts instead. Don’t you know you are killing the planet? Show your Mother Earth some respect and order a salad today!

And slim down that television, too, while you are at it.

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