New York already banned hand held cell phone use while driving. So did my home state of California.

I'm a criminal every time my Bluetooth goes dead or the batteries run out, as they do seemingly every few hours. So I pretend like I'm scratching my head with a brick and fool the police most of the time. But it's only a matter of time before my face is on the post office wall.

At least I can still do safe things with my cell phone, like surf the Internet, answer and read e-mails, play Monopoly Mobile, and other such activities. Thanks God California chose to keep me and other drivers safe by banning texting! E-mails are much more detailed anyway.

Now New York wants to install cell phone jammers in the front cabs.

That's right, soon cabbies might not be able to chat on their cell phones--even if they ARE in compliance with current law.

You see, chatty cabbies can be dangerous to your health, apparently.

Meanwhile, cab drivers are insisting that they want the PASSENGERS to shut up on their phones.

I HATE being required to use a Bluetooth. I RESENT that Arnold and the legislature mandated that I spend my money on a device I didn't need (gee...I don't the Bluetooth makers were lobbying for these hands free laws, huh??). I hate that they work when they want to and don't when they get tired.  The only time I like my Bluetooth is when I am carrying the baby and 9 bags of groceries. THEN it's a handy little gizmo.

So here we go AGAIN with incrementalism by government.

First you make people not use their hands...then you say certain occupations can't use ANY cell phone safely. Then when people scream it's unfair, you take cell phones away from EVERYONE. Now THAT'S a level playing field!

And now if you'll excuse me, I need to see if my Bluetooth is fully charged so I can head out looking like something out of a Star Trek episode.

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