OK. I am going to blog about something I generally stay clear away from–popular television shows. Specifically, American Idol.

My wife got me into the show a few seasons ago and I felt it all started going downhill where America’s next music star came down to David Cook and David Archuleta. PLEASE! Come on now!

Now this year, I am missing something BIG. The spell Adam Lambert has on not only the judges, but viewers who are following the show this season.

In case you are wondering which one Adam is, here’s a quick hint. He’s NOT the most talented contestant left, male or female. That would be Danny Gokey in my opinion.

No, Adam is the one I best describe–bear with me–as actor Kurt Russell in drag. COME ON–it’s TRUE! LOOK at him…check him out next episode or on the Internet. Tell me he isn’t a feminized version of Kurt Russell!

But America adores him. Maybe even more than President Obama.

Our baby actually groans and cries when he comes on the show and sings. Really! She has, at least, good taste.

Come on…how could you honestly watch him strutting  around like a fool singing “Play that funky music, white boy” and not laugh your head off?? And last night’s “Born To Be Wild” was especially embarrassing. Fantasies of being an Elvis-Axel Rose hybrid are not the recipe for greatness.

But I must not be watching what everyone else is, because America is poised to vote him the next American Idol.

David Cook was certainly NOT the most talented singer in last year’s competition. But he was the most cartoonish. And he won.

So I guess I shouldn’t be shocked if America does it again this year and overlooks truly talented singers like Danny Gokey for the flavor of the minute.

And what hope is there when the only really level headed judge, Simon, adores the guy, too?

If Adam–I look like Kurt Russell on estrogen–Lambert wins this competition, it might break my faith in the competition altogether.

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