The new mantra should be: Kill all pirates. The sooner the better.

Thank God Captain Richard Phillips was freed on the fifth day of his captivity at the hands of barbarians off the coast of Somalia. The Navy Seals ought to be applauded for another job well done. Three dead pirates. One in custody. One freed American. BRAVO.

I am amazed at all the credit Obama is getting for...what? Nothing actually. He gave an order that was a GIVEN he should make. He FAILED MISERABLY when he didn't address the American people during this. You can find my speech on the audio commentary portion of my website, That is the speech the President OWED us all. But he was too busy talking about housing.

The pirates are now threatening revenge. Somali "insurgents" (TERRORISTS) fired mortars at a U.S. politician visiting that God forsaken country.

And we are "considering" attacks on pirate bases on land?? CONSIDERING?? We NEED to OBLITERATE every pirate base we can find...and then look for the ones that we can't find.

These murderous bastards need to start fearing US instead of the other way around. Barbarian throwbacks need to realize the civilized world will not tolerate piracy in the 21st Century. We fought and defeated Muslim pirates when they were far greater in number and our military was nowhere near the fighting machine that it is today. And we will do it again.

If we have the will to, that is.

The lesson in all of this is that the wish of liberals to have a "peaceful" outcome to hostage situations and terrorist acts like this one on the high seas is NOT a realistic or possible one. That was the FIRST mistake--to seek a peaceful outcome. The best outcome is to protect as many good guys as you can and kill as many bad guys as you can.

Peace is rarely achieved through peaceful means. The left should of all groups understand that. Peace come from rockets and blasts and heavy loss of life. That is how it has always been. And it is a good bet that it will be that way for always.

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