Leave Christina Applegate alone.

Apparently, the actress and breast cancer survivor was recently seen (and of course, photographed by people with too much time on their hands) smoking a cigarette.

OH HEAVENS...doesn't she know that...smoking...can...give you...GASP...cancer?!?! Hasn't she learned from the horrors of a double mastectomy??

Again, leave her alone. I find it interesting that if a woman chooses to end the life of her unborn child, it is a CHOICE. But a woman doesn't have a CHOICE to smoke a LEGAL substance?

Is it the best choice to make for ANYONE to smoke? Nope.

But we humans are a funny lot. We are the only among God's creations that KNOWS and COMPREHENDS what is bad for us...and we do it ANYWAY!

We eat too much. We don't sleep enough. We put bad things into our bodies through inhaling, injecting, and swallowing. We drive too fast. We don't look both ways like our parents taught us. We ski down mountains and jump out of perfectly good airplanes...for FUN. We have unprotected sex and have babies we aren't ready for or diseases that can ultimately kill us.

And yet there is no end in sight to our crazy behavior.

And here we are, with the audacity to criticize Christina Applegate for lighting a CIGARETTE?

Strap on your own seat belt, put on your own helmet, and look YOURSELF in the mirror.

Chances are you take better care of your car or your pet or your prized collections more than you take care of yourself. Motivational speaker and writer Zig Ziglar has a great line that goes like this: "You wouldn't let a prized race horse stay up late, eat junk food, and smoke cigarettes." It's true! We worry more about the fuel we put in our cars than the fuel we put in ourselves!

Oh. And mom was right again. Eat your vegetables and take care of YOURSELF!

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