Lets get this straight the worlds most successful powerful countries gather together set up security and logistics, gather the world press and only meet for 1 day..Lets save us all some money and time and hop on a video conference call. For example this administration traveled with a party of 500 not counting the press. Make it a week set up true one on one time not the political posturing!!!

OK, so far I like the fact that the President is turning on the charm and not giving into the blame game. Lets make sure he stands up to France and Germany in the next couple of days and not sure what he will do in Turkey
Love the fact that they keep taking shots at Bush over his style. Now they says the era of buddy politics is over. Really ? now its bad to become friends with world leaders and try to gain their personal trust? I have news for all of you Bush Haters Obama’s best asset is his personality and if he can’t play buddy politics he has lost before he even started.

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