The jury is in- foreign powers love President Obama. If they want him to be successful and be around for 8 years all they have to do is match their enthusiasm with action. For Russia- you call him your “new comrade” then stop building the nuke plant in Iran, stop the sale of the defense missiles to that country and leave Georgia and oh yeah stop kissing up to Cuba and Venezuela. You like him too Italy, well try sending some combat troops to help the NATO cause in Afghanistan as should you Germany and France. When it comes to leading the world its fine for President Obama to admit we are not perfect and should do more listening but how far is he willing to go in relinquishing our leadership remains to be seen.

Loved this show like most Friday shows Geraldo was at his controversial best, Chris Wallce always a funny thoughtful guy- but my cool guest on the week- Ed Gillespie in studio..still in touch with President Bush and knows the real relationship between 43 and the world powers. Have a great weekend and thks for being a supporter.

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