It reminded me of a class in school when each of us were assigned an oral report. We had to study the topic structure a speech and be prepared to answer probing questions and there was always one kid who just didn’t know the stuff and would just ramble on and on. The teacher knew he couldn’t or wouldn’t answer the question the class knew, but yet we endured as he prattled on. That was how I interrupted President Obamas role in the duel press conference with Prime Minster Gordon Brown this morning. Brown is not a good speaker but he was so crisp and concise compared to Obama that he really overshadowed him.

I think the other member states will smell blood and look to pile on for the next 48 hrs. The Russians announced they invited Obama over where they can talk about nukes…who cares about Russian nukes ? We are not going to bomb each other. We do want their help fighting terror, controlling the dictators of Africa, – out of South America and not building nuke plants in Iran.

Should be a fascinating week…what do you think?

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